Swing Time

We stood in the room together Sara and I. We were both a little nervous, but also very excited. Sara looked around the room and her breathing increased as she watched the attractive young men moving around the room.

Several beautiful women were there and she watched them as they talked and moved around the room talking to the young men as they moved. There was a sense of excitement that permeated the room as the people there watched each other wondering whom?

Sara turned to me and said Jim I would like a drink and I said sure and moved over to the bar and got her and myself a coke. No one drank much at these parties, as they wanted all their senses to be high. They wanted to feel everything that might happen.
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The Lake

Each year I take my kids to the lake. We rent a cabin… play a lot of golf… swim and do whatever we feel like. The days are great and filled with activities but the nights are a different story. I’ve been divorced for eight years and really haven’t had time to date much. Taking care of the kids was and is my priority.

During the summer the nights are usually fairly warm at the lake. The swimming area is usually pretty dark at night. Lots of times I go down to the docks of the swimming area and sit out on the end of one of them. Sometimes if I get a little daring I take some of my clothes off. I’m a fairly attractive man. I stand almost 6 feet tall and weigh a slender but athletic 190 pounds. I’ve got soft blue eyes and a quick smile. I get a lot of compliments on my butt and legs especially when I wear shorts. Continue reading

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Friends Always Share

We were sitting at the lounge table sipping our drinks, and I was still giggling at Greg’s joke when his friend Laurie placed her hand under my skirt and on my knee. I nervously glanced toward Greg and my friend Sean to see if they had noticed. I stole a tiny peep at Laurie, and she was grinning ever so slightly at me. I squirmed in my seat and opened my legs just a little to give easier access, just in case Laurie wanted to explore further. The movement prompted Laurie to start drawing her hand back away from me, I guess thinking her advancement had made me uncomfortable. I quickly reached for her hand and placed it on my thigh. Seeing me jump, Sean asked me, “Julia, are you ok hun?”

“UM, yeah, I’m fine… I just had an… itch.” I replied.
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“Jan,” Blair Vogelson said into the intercom, “please bring me a cup of coffee and the those letters you typed up for me last night!” “Very good, ma’am,” the secretary replied, “I’ll be right in!” A few moments later her office door swung open and in strode Jan with as Styrofoam cup of steaming coffee in one hand, and a half inch thick stack of papers and envelopes in the other! “How’s it going this morning, boss,” Jan asked brightly, “anything special on the agenda for today!?!” Carefully taking the cup from her secretary’s hand, Blair took a sip and replied, “No, nothing special, just the usual, but if you have the time, I’d like to chat with you for a minute or two if that’s all right!?!” Jan nodded her head and replied, “Your time is my time, what’s up!?!”

“How long have you worked for me,” Blair asked?!? “Uh, about six years now,” Jan replied, “why do you ask!?!” “In all the years that we’ve been together,” Blair went on, “have you ever known me to do anything illegal or unethical?!?” While shifting uncomfortably in her chair and wondering where this conversation was heading, Jan answered slowly, “No, as far as I can tell you’ve always been a straight arrow and above board!!!” Blair took another sip of her coffee before continuing and then said, “Well up until a month ago you would have been correct, but I’m afraid that since then I’ve been shall we say “involved”!!!” “Jan chose her words carefully and replied, “You mean with another man?!?” “Frank and I haven’t had meaningful relations in over six months,” Blair explained in a cracking voice, “oh, what am I saying, I shouldn’t be bothering you with this personal stuff, I’m truly sorry, Jan!!!” Jan could see right away that her boss was really hurting, and instead of fleeing the room as most people would have done, she almost ran around the big desk and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek!!!” “Oh, Mrs. Vogelson,” Jan said softly, “don’t worry about a thing, I’m sure everything will work out for the best!!!”
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