The Whirlpool

When I drove my car towards France… I wasn’t in an especially good mood.
Ok… being sent by my boss to a meeting in France wasn’t so bad… but this
would be a long week. I just met Karen… and whoa… this girl was really a
hot one! I knew I would miss her. This week would be long and boring…
So here I was… sitting in my car and driving south… thinking about how much
I would miss her… specially our hot adventures in bed. Hmmm… she had such a
talented tongue…

You know… when it comes to sex… I have only two problems. Well… three to be
honest. First one were my nipples. I have nice dark aureoles… about two
inches diameter. They really look nice. And in the middle of them are the
nipples. Dark. Little knots of about half an inch length. When they are not
aroused. When they are… they grow almost to the double length and are very
hard. And when I don’t wear a thick sweatshirt… they are in that state
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Linda’s Boss

Linda and I were setting at our table having coffee with our dessert making small talk. We were attending the going away party for Linda’s boss Mike. Mike had just received a promotion and the company threw him a party to celebrate. This dinner party was also serving as his going away party by the company being his promotion was going to place him in charge of a plant back East.

All the speeches had been made and the evening was winding down. Mike was still at the head table making small talk with the company powers and thanking everybody for their well wishes. Mike’s wife Norma set down with us at our table asking how we enjoyed the dinner. We exchanged pleasantries and engaged in small talk while she waited for Mike to join her.
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Cycling Swingers

As I rolled out of bed that Saturday, I noted the absence of my wife. I had a few precious days to myself since she and kids had left yesterday to visit her mom on Cape Cod The house was quiet and I was having a second cup of coffee daydreaming about the most recent sex we had had.

My wife Sheila and enjoy I mutual masturbation. Sometimes we read erotic stories to each other, other times one narrates a fantasy or experience. Occasionally, one would throw out a scenario and then we would take turns building the story while pleasuring ourselves. Two nights ago, I’d asked Sheila to verbalize an experience she had with her college boyfriend David and roommate Joan. I lay next her listening, growing more and more excited as she got to the part when she and Joan took turns licking David’s balls and sucking his cock. I had my eyes closed imagining the scene – hearing Sheila’s breathing become more rapid as she described it. When Sheila got to the part that had her watching David fucking Joan as Joan ate her, I was furiously stroking my cock and came all over my stomach and hand. I then opened my eyes to watch my wife using her middle finger to alternately flick her clit and slide into her wet hole. Sheila was describing how aroused she felt – having friend’s tongue on her while watching her boyfriend’s face as he came – when her orgasm hit. Continue reading

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Date Nite

We have a rule with date nite. The first hour we can discuss the events of the week whether that is the kids, work or personal items but after that the evening choice goes into play. Let me explain about the evening choice. I will send a card in the mail to my wife with three choices. She can choose between a roleplaying date or a girl night out or a couples gathering. She will choice one and leave me a note a couple days before the date. Well this time she chose a roleplaying date.

Roleplaying this time was her being a single woman who met a guy at a coffee house and now they are going on a secluded naughty date. So I will get dressed at home but she will go from work to the hotel room I have setup for us and get ready there. This way she can start to forget about the events of the week by having a few drinks while enjoying getting ready.

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