A Way for Mutual Understanding Relationship

Social networking has emerged as a biggest communication platform now days. Even though it has large number of benefits of connecting old friends, forming communities etc., but has certain drawbacks as well. People in these social networks are misusing this communication platform. In today’s world social networking sites are developed in such a way that people easily make contact with strange people and become friends. The people use any of the communication medium such as face book, or cut or webcam to develop their relationship. Lot of chatting happened with the unknown people and the like-mindedness of opposite sex attracts each other those results in growing the friendship to next level. At certain point when two opposite sex as same thoughts and feelings merge each other, then they meet in public place in the motive of sexual feeling called dating.

The dating may be some kind of relationship that exists between two humans. It may be for sexual or may not be. It may be a short term or long term relationship. That kind of relationship may be with your girl friend or boy friend but with the simple constraints as being with someone who love each other, hence dating can be at home as well not necessarily in any other public place. The common places where the dating occurred may be in parks, beaches, any coffee shop, restaurants now even in temples.

In an erotic story archive (Dating) relationship, both of them love each other; express their way of love, their feelings in their own way. The meaning here is dating forms the way of understanding the one with each other in a given relationship. Dating is the way to understand each other and the same dating can be resulted in love marriage if both have mutual understanding with each other. Even before arranged marriages, parents of both families make a way to meet their child to meet girl/guy in a public place to make them understand each other. So dating can also be called as matchmaking. If they like each other and understand them better, then parents decide to arrange marriage for them.