A Way for Mutual Understanding Relationship

Social networking has emerged as a biggest communication platform now days. Even though it has large number of benefits of connecting old friends, forming communities etc., but has certain drawbacks as well. People in these social networks are misusing this communication platform. In today’s world social networking sites are developed in such a way that people easily make contact with strange people and become friends. The people use any of the communication medium such as face book, or cut or webcam to develop their relationship. Lot of chatting happened with the unknown people and the like-mindedness of opposite sex attracts each other those results in growing the friendship to next level. At certain point when two opposite sex as same thoughts and feelings merge each other, then they meet in public place in the motive of sexual feeling called dating.

The dating may be some kind of relationship that exists between two humans. It may be for sexual or may not be. It may be a short term or long term relationship. That kind of relationship may be with your girl friend or boy friend but with the simple constraints as being with someone who love each other, hence dating can be at home as well not necessarily in any other public place. The common places where the dating occurred may be in parks, beaches, any coffee shop, restaurants now even in temples.

In an erotic story archive (Dating) relationship, both of them love each other; express their way of love, their feelings in their own way. The meaning here is dating forms the way of understanding the one with each other in a given relationship. Dating is the way to understand each other and the same dating can be resulted in love marriage if both have mutual understanding with each other. Even before arranged marriages, parents of both families make a way to meet their child to meet girl/guy in a public place to make them understand each other. So dating can also be called as matchmaking. If they like each other and understand them better, then parents decide to arrange marriage for them.
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Tim Tebow and Jana Duggar Dating? The Duggars Meet Tim Mom

Fans of the Duggar family have asked me why the eldest daughter Jana Duggar, 24, courtship and marriage as she did. While Jana has already said he expects to get to the right person, there are rumors that the man was a former player of the NFL’s Tim Tebow.

While Jana is the eldest daughter of the Duggar family, her younger sister Jill married Derick Dillard expecting their first child in June last year, and now they are. And a few weeks ago, Ben married Jessa Seewald. Now there is speculation that Jana could be married next. After Inquisitr Duggar patriarch of the family Jim Bob has already been seen in the company of the Tebow family. Earlier this month, he is greeted with Tim’s mother, Pam, in a choice of love centers fundraising pregnancy in Arkansas.

“A great lady and a great thing!” the Duggars wrote on Facebook. “We heard from Pam Tebow tonight.”

Pam is an ardent pro-life advocates like the Duggars and Radar Online reported that they visited the house Duggar. Such sources of the website that the family is pushing for Pam set up with Jana his son. As soon as there was no confirmation that Tim and Jana are off, but Jim Bob and Michelle took the time to a rumor, it seems, is one of his son, John, in a clear relationship and advertising.

“Sometimes we see the circulating gossip,” they wrote on the official Facebook page: “One of this week we found interesting, but is not true.”
“News flash: John is not courting and not in a relationship … and he had never been in one, I thought we had to put the record straight, he is still waiting for the right time at the right #InGodshands. ..! “dropoff window

Ask Mr. Dad: Kids cool to idea of Dad’s dating

Dear Mr. Dad: I’ve been divorced for almost a year and I’m just getting to the point where I’m thinking about dating again. My kids, 8 and 10, and I have a very close relationship, and we talk about everything. But when I mentioned dating to them, instead of being happy for me, they were angry. Is there anything I can do to get them to be a little more supportive?

Close relationships between parents and their young children are wonderful for everyone. But occasionally lines can get blurred, which is exactly what happened with you. Your social life will undoubtedly affect your children, especially if you get into a serious relationship. But it sounds like you’ve given them the impression that their close relationship with you entitles them to an actual vote in the matter.

It’s really none of their business. You’re their parent, not their friend, end of discussion. Aside from the boundary issue, your children may simply not want to share you with anyone. It’s been just the three of you for a long time, and they enjoy having you all to themselves. Any time you spend with other people – whether it’s going out for a beer with a buddy or dating a woman who’s not their mother – is time you won’t be spending with them. You’re in a delicate spot, but here are few steps you can take to get your kids on board – or at least to reduce their hostility:

• Tell them you love them. Guys often express our love for other people by doing (and buying) things for them. But while toys are nice, children need lots of verbal and physical demonstrations that you love them and that they’re always your top priority – but not to the exclusion of everything else.
• Let them know you aren’t trying to replace their mother. Whether their mother is alive or not, no one can take her place, either in your children’s lives or their memories. They need to know that the reasons you’re going out with other women have to do with you and your needs only.
• Date on your own time. If possible, do your dating on nights when the kids aren’t around. Hiring a sitter and going out when you’re with them could make them feel that their fears of losing you are coming true.
• Don’t introduce them to your dates too soon. It’s important that you’re sure it’s a serious relationship before you bring the kids in. Before making your introduction, talk about the woman you’re seeing, let them know how much you and she enjoy being with each other and let them know you’d like to have everyone meet.
• Don’t tell them how to feel. There’s absolutely nothing you can say that’s going to make your kids love (or even like) your girlfriend before they’re ready to. What they need is time. So leave them alone and let them develop their own relationship. And never, never tell them to call anyone “Mom” but their real mother.
• Listen to them. If they don’t like someone you’re seeing, encourage them to tell you why. You don’t have to agree, but kids are often a lot more perceptive than we are, and they sometimes see things we don’t or that love (or lust) has blinded us to.

When my kids were little and I was dating, I introduced them to a woman I was pretty serious about. They told me afterward that she really didn’t like children. At first I thought they were making that up, but I started paying attention and they were absolutely right.